vinyl cedar siding - pebble


Newport Exteriors use of technology not only makes it the most cost effective cedar panel on the market, it makes it the most realistic looking cedar replica available today. Through a proprietary process, we took 18 real cedar shake panels and created a digital image of each shake. Once these digital images were created, they were then transferred to the dies used to create your Newport Cedar panel. As each panel is run, the die transfers the shape to create nearly the same variance in texture and shape as created on natural cedar shakes.

Random Seams

Just like the cedar shakes of old, each Newport Exterior panel locks together to hide the seams using Tru-Lock technology. These random edges create the look and feel of cedar shakes without the spacing and openings for bugs, mold and dirt. They are virtually maintenance free.

Vinyl Cedar Siding - Pebble Clay

Vinyl Cedar Siding – Pebble Clay

Care and Maintenance

Newport Exteriors siding will resist most stains from common household items like oil and grease. The materials used resist the exposure to UV rays and the elements. The only recommendation for things like dirt leaves and grime should be the removal with a garden hose or pressure washer and maybe light rubbing with a sponge. In wet or moist areas where mildew or mold form the easiest solution is to use a pressure washer to remove them. That is all that is required.