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Newport offers a wide variety of colors that are both historically accurate and common to regional vernacular. As you are making a color selection for your home, we recommend doing a little research to find which color is right for your region and or development. We understand the importance of the aesthetic value of your home to you and to potential buyers. If you have a custom color you would like made for your home or development, please do not hesitate to ask.



Newport Exteriors use of technology not only makes it the most cost effective cedar panel on the market. We offer the most realistic looking cedar replica available today. Through a propitiatory process we take dozens of real cedar shakes and create a 3-D image of each shake. Once these images are created, they are then transferred to the dyes used to create your Newport cedar panel. As each panel is run the dye is dynamically changed to create nearly the same variance in texture and shape as created on natural cedar shakes.

Random Seams

Just like the cedar shakes of old, each Newport Exterior panel comes with random edges that lock together using Tru-Lock technology. These random edges create the look and feel of cedar shakes without the spacing and openings for bugs, mold and mold.

Care and Maintenance

Newport Exteriors siding will resist most stain stains from common household items like oil and grease. Due to the exposure to UV rays and the elements, over time a chalk may from on the surface that can be washed off with a standard garden hose. Other items such as soil, leaves, grime and hard water should also be removed with the garden hose and maybe light rubbing with a sponge. In wet or moist areas where mildew or mold forms, you can mix together a mild detergent and water to use with a sponge to wash off. For more stubborn spots you can mix a fabric bleach such as Clorox at 95% water 5% bleach and then use a sponge to remove. Always rinsing thoroughly to insure no detergent or bleach is left on the siding after washing is complete.


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