About Newport

Newport’s exterior cladding products offer you a beautiful, low-maintenance alternative to natural painted cedar. With over 17 different colors to choose from, you can get just the look you want for your home with the assurance that it will never have to be painted again… ever. Not only that, but Newport Exterior’s cedar cladding is low-maintenance and worry free, liberating your lifestyle while maintaining the integrity of your home’s value and curb-appeal.


All the Newport panels and trim piece come standard with Tru-Lock. Tru-Lock is a state of the art locking system that not only holds your panels together seamlessly, it allows your panels to move as the temperature changes without exposing a single seam. Newport Exteriors is the only synthetic cedar siding manufacturer that offers siding with Tru-Lock technology.

Random Seams

Just like the cedar shakes of old, each Newport Exterior panel comes with random edges that lock together using Tru-Lock technology. These random edges create the look and feel of cedar shakes without the spacing and openings for bugs, mold and mold.


Newport Exteriors use of technology not only makes it the most cost effective cedar panel on the market. We offer the most realistic looking cedar replica available today. Through a propitiatory process we take dozens of real cedar shakes and create a 3-D image of each shake. Once these images are created, they are then transferred to the dyes used to create your Newport cedar panel. As each panel is run the dye is dynamically changed to create nearly the same variance in texture and shape as created on natural cedar shakes.

Product Consistency

With Newport panels you not only get the most advanced locking system, random edges and the most realistic appearance available on the market. You get the assurance that each panel is manufactured to the same color every time. Whether you buy enough siding to cover your entire house in one orders or if you order it in sections, you can be assured that through our color monitoring and matching system, you will receive the same color no matter how far apart your orders are from each other.